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Move over “Baby Shark”, clear the way “Bird is the Word”, a new earworm has weaseled its way into our lives. We introduce to you “Stay the F**k at Home”:

Okay, multiple questions here. #1)  Who is this guy? Reddit commentors likened him to mathematical satirist Tom Lehrer, magician James Randi and our favorite guess, David Letterman. Sadly, none of those were correct. The golden pipes belong to YouTube user rekording aka Bob E Kelly aka Robert Emmett Kelly. He hosts a monthly Crooners Cabaret night at Machina Kitchen & ArtBar in Keene, New Hampshire where they use a photo of Bob in a NASA hoodie, sideways flatbrim and gold chain necklace to advertise the event. His Facebook bio reads: “making the last third of my life as fruitful, interesting, and fun as the first two thirds” and that explains everything.

Now that we’ve met Robert, #2) Who is Chris Franklin? The guy who gets a quick shout out before the piano kicks in and is credited with writing the lyrics to this song is a comedian from Australian and owner of an awesome mullet. A week ago he chugged a beer then recited this poem:

A few days later he informed his followers that a lot of tributes to his poem were rolling in but his team of Australia’s best musicians were working on a rock version. In the meantime, have a listen to this version from Robert Emmett Kelly in the U.S. of A. Sorry Aussie friends, the meantime doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Especially with this kid-friendly version now making the rounds:

The two men seem to be enjoying the fifteen minutes, but really all they care about is sharing this important message: STAY THE F**K AT HOME.