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Everyday we see more and more stories about elderly residents getting into trouble with the law for socializing and attending events during the stay at home order. (we’re not sure how they are finding these events, but it’s happening!)

This sad news lead The Preston & Steve Show to a conversation about how everyone is beginning to get a little stir crazy, most of all, our parents. Kathy’s mom is anxious to socialize and get out of the house where she is spending way too much time reading all of the news about the pandemic, Nick’s dad is missing his family and grandkids who are spread all over the country and Preston’s mom is in an assisted living facility and not allowed to receive visitors.

Our parents all vary in ages and technology capabilities; the latter which can make Facetiming or Zoom chatting very difficult. Until now. Enter GrandPad. It may sound like a made up product from an SNL Short, but it’s a real device with easy-to-use buttons that make connecting super easy. They even simplified the set up.

Right now it’s so important to spend serious virtual time with friends and family, if you know someone who is tech-phobic, show them this:

grandPad Product Overview

Find out more at grandPad is a simple and secure tablet computer that digitally connects your senior to their family and friends. T...