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History of the “been come to known as?” question:

It was April 9, 2009 and The Preston & Steve Show admitted to the listening audience that we had done something we never do: record an interview to play on the show the next day.

We had to, it was Seth Rogen, and there was no chance that a recorded conversation with one of the chillest guys in Hollywood could be as bad as the last fiasco (the Tom Cruise disaster is a story for another time). We were right. It was a great; Seth was funny and engaging and although it was quick, it was an ideal first interview. Except one member of the show was keeping another secret…

Because the interview was recorded, Casey had a chance to edit part of a question before airing. If you go back and listen to the podcast, Seth answers the quirky question without skipping a beat so it’s barely noticeable that any audio was cut out. But Casey knew that he was sitting on a hilarious flub that would go down in P&S Show history. He just needed to wait for the right time…

The right time was about six months later. He played the unedited clip and just like that, an unforgettable quote was born.

In 2014 when The Preston & Steve Show was honored with the PPRA’s Gold Metal Award, we were surprised with this video at the ceremony:

...Been Come To Known As?

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It will live on forever and ever and ever and…

King's Speech 2: Been Come To Known As - Preston & Steve's Daily Rush

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