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Animal Crossing New Horizons has taken the world by storm; everyone and their mother are playing it and creating custom exotic island getaways. The newest installment allows players to create original designs including clothing. CheckpointXP’s Robbie Landis has spent countless hours designing custom threads, check them out:

Super Hero Apparel

Comic book designs in Animal Crossing New Horizon are one of the easier ones to pull off. They’re all simple and mono-color and easily recognizable. Depending on which type of article of clothing your making, the proportions can weird. If you stick with it though you should be able to recreate any of your favorite superhero logos. Hats are the most difficult because the closer to the top the more pinched and warped the image becomes.

Overwatch Gear

Here are some Overwatch themed designs for the Blizzard fans. Have a favorite Overwatch League team? Here’s a Houston Outlaws Danteh jersey and there are tons of others out there to collect as well. The Sombra Hack tee is perfectly paired with the Dv.a Bunny Cap. Or you can let the villagers on your island to ‘Nerf This’ with the MEKA jacket and cap from the ‘Shooting Stars’ cinematic. Or, pass along the Soldier 76 jacket to all your friends so you can all be soldiers now.

Video Game Merch

Fans from all over video game fandoms are coming up with designs from their favorite games. Here’s an N7 Tee for any Mass Effect fans. Alliance fans will have to fend for themselves, but if you’re For the Horde, we have you covered. Classic Squaresoft fans can rejoice with a Red Mage coat.

Try your own designs and join in on the fun villagers all around the world are having.

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