COVID-19 Updates

Robert Plant is doing his part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by donating to a company that’s making scrubs for medical professionals on the frontlines.

U.K.’s The Shuttle reports Plant donated “thousands of pounds” to MG Sportswear, a clothing manufacturer near his home in England that’s switched production from school, sport and airline uniforms to medical scrubs.

Plant said in a statement, “We’re all in our own vacuums within our own homes feeling relatively safe, so I’m pleased to be able to support the work that these good people are doing for our frontline nurses, doctors, carers etc. in providing much needed scrubs and masks. It would be great for them to get more support and funds ensuring they can carry on making what is needed.”

MG Sportswear has had to order new fabric in order to produce the scrubs for medical professionals and has been trying to raise the funds via GoFundMe, but Plant’s donation, according to MG Sportswear business manager Kim Calder, “…ensures we can continue to get fabric” to help in “…producing around 1,000 sets of scrubs for local NHS trusts and a local care home.”

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