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Biker Daughter: A little bit wild, a little bit reckless and a whole lotta rock n’ roll. What started out as a creative side project for Ellei Johndro, and ultimately a soundtrack that matched her nonstop nightlife and touring schedule, eventually transformed into an essential cathartic release of wild energy. For over a decade, Ellei was widely known as the photographer under the guise of Shadowscene, and spent a majority of life quite literally on the road. When finally sitting down to tackle a new outlet, the musical manifestation was amassed with her close friend Jon Siebels and transpired into a riotous amalgam of 90′s style alternative noise. Ranging from hard electro mixed with gritty guitars to a 60s sonic aura and in your face lyrics, Biker Daughter infuses the angst of a teenage runaway mixed with those boot stomping day-to-day joys.

The latest Biker Daughter release, Street Dreamer, is now available across all media outlets.

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Listen to “Got Me Weak”
Listen to “Midnight Moonlight”
Listen to “Bastard Child”

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