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Have you ever listened to a percussion-heavy jam on MMR and thought, “I betcha Preston is air drumming his heart out in the studio right now?” There’s a good chance he was. And over the past few months Presbo has taken his favorite pastime to YouTube  with a series of drum videos. Here’s a couple reasons why you should subscribe:

1. If you have ever legitimately had that thought above then you’ll appreciate the heart and soul poured into each and every one of these videos. 

2.  Preston works really hard to perfect these songs. He’s a student of the art who loves nailing a trick from a song he’s been playing for years.  

3. Compare the very first video he posted to the latest and you will see how Presbo is constantly upgrading his at-home-studio setup. (he’s a little obsessed

4. He learned how to make those graphics, worked on lighting, set up a multi camera system and enlisted the help of Nick Murphy so these videos looks slick. 

5. Because Preston really wants to share these videos with you!