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Look at that all-star lineup of videos.That was just the first week!

It started with an e-mail. Actually, we never even got to hear the e-mail, Preston couldn’t find it, but he did remember one important detail: the person was pointing out that we had made around 1,300 Daily Rush Videos. Or was it 3,000? (it was closer to 1,300).

Then we asked Nick Murphy, video producer extraordinaire, what was the very first video he produced under to launch the Daily Rush series? Vagina Face. How fitting for our show. For context, the segment begins in the middle of a song our former intern, Kat, has produced for the Intern Olympics in 2013:

Vagina Face - Preston & Steve's Daily Rush

Steve's impression of the alien that threatens Luke Skywalker. Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR

If you don’t already have the Daily Rush page of bookmarked, now’s the time to do.