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When you hear the working class, blue collar grit in his voice and the breaking-the-fourth-wall style in his heartland-storytelling, you’d think Jamie Salvatore was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Even if that’s not the case- these Conshohocken natives, Jamie and the Guarded Heart, live and breathe rock ‘n’ roll. After spending his early years bouncing around the Philly cover music scene, Salvatore teamed up with bassist, Morgan Russo, to start an original project with one thing in mind: Getting back to basics. The goals were to write songs from the heart and to build an audience with a genuine connection. “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”

Bonded by Tomato Pie and music, fellow Italian’s Graham Travaglini (drums) and Carly Bondra (guitar) have joined the Guarded Heart on this journey and continue to impress Philadelphia crowds making their live show a must-see event.

In 2018, the band released their debut self titled album which features tequila pounding anthems “Johnny Is the Jukebox On,” “Things We Do Without,” “On the Radio” and more. In an ironic fashion, the band received radio airplay for 2019’s “Drop That Needle” in which Salvatore writes “the bands I love, don’t care about your radio, the songs I love, don’t get played on your radio anymore.” In 2020, JATGH will tour by Open Mics and Late Nights and will continue to release singles along the way.

"Nikki Used to Play the Drums" by Jamie and the Guarded Heart (Official Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for "Nikki Used to Play the Drums" by Jamie and the Guarded Heart

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