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This blog will come in handy when you’re prepping for The Christmas Miracle Show.

Unless your name is Preston Elliot, you have a celebrity in mind who was the very first guest to join The Preston & Steve Show in their brand new studio back in 2008. Okay, to be fair, our first day broadcasting in the studio was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. We had the local band, Mariachi Flores, in studio before they hit the road for our Mariachi Wake Up Calls. So they are burned in his mind as the first guest.

But listener Kyle aka Cat-Shirt bet Preston a hundred bucks and a case of beer that there was a celebrity in studio before that. Do you know who it is before we reveal the answer?

Daily Feed (05.02.08).mp3 by The Totally Office Preston & Steve Show Archive

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Time’s up. It was Bill Burr. As heard in the podcast above, Bill was in on the Friday before and we did a practice interview to test out the new space. Listen to the audio, you can hear everyone getting adjusted to the new equipment. The interview begins at 38 minutes in, but click a minute earlier and you’ll hear Steve talk about a new movie open that weekend that he’s very excited about… Iron Man.