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Dave Grohl, once again, is bringing the wholesome content that makes all of us smile.

The Foo Fighters frontman popped in on the Instagram Live stream of The Pat Finnerty Show over the weekend after the show’s host lobbied vigorously to get Grohl to help him record a cover of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” by singing Sting’s guest vocal.

Rolling Stone breaks down the entire backstory of what led to this moment which you can see below, but here’s the gist: Pat Finnerty is a working musician in Philly that isn’t exactly working at the moment due to the coronavirus. He launches his “show” on Instagram early during quarantine where he tries to learn to play various classic songs in less than an hour. He later does a socially distanced concert on his roof and then another one atop Johnny Brenda’s here in Philadelphia. He then concocted the #LetsGetGrohl campaign as a way to perform another stunt that wouldn’t gather a crowd that could spread COVID-19, unlike his rooftop shows.

This then led to the “Grohl-A-Thon,” which was a planned 24-hour streaming event that Finnerty would hope would get the attention of Grohl. Between that and some of what Finnerty said was some “friendly stalking,” this got Finnerty in touch with actor Andrew Sikking who was going to be hanging out with Grohl the evening of the “Grohl-A-Thon.” One thing led to another, and nine hours into the “Grohl-A-Thon,” the magic below happened.

Just watch it all and enjoy. Nice work, Pat, you’ve made Philly rock fans proud.

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