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A note from Caseyboy: 

Thank you so much to Team WMMR for being so awesome today!! You guys Rock and ROLL!!! Thank you Head Strong Foundation and Pinocchio’s Pizza for supporting our team for The Ben to the Shore Bike Tour…you guys have been there since the beginning for us. Thank you to Budweiser for your continued support and thank you Wawa for providing our team with some MUCH NEEDED water and food/fuel along the way!! Our team made our way from Cape May to AC, and we finished right where the Philly Swat team finished. I met the widow of slain officer O’Connor today. This is why I ride. I ride to honor the fallen and to support the families behind the badge. I ride to support the police/community outreach and the various children’s programs…which we need more than ever today. There’s a lot of negativity out there…but I try to focus on the positive, because i believe there’s more positive out there…it’s just that the negative is louder. I love my neighbor, as I have been taught to my whole life. I love you despite your flaws, just as I would want you to love me despite my countless flaws. Ride on!!

The entire ride mapped with the Relive app: 

Casey recapped the bike ride and told us about a stranger who joined the ride for a short length, shared some seriously inspiring thoughts then disappeared. Was he even real? You decide.

Photos from the ride: