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Mo Lowda and the Humble‘s new album Ready Coat came into existence after the decision to add a touring member enabled the band to expand its sonic ability. This opportunity to stretch the band’s sound and add elements that would have been impossible to play live previously enabled the band to self produce, engineer, and mix a record without considering limitations.

Over a span of a year, between 100+ tour dates and utilizing four different studios, the band was able to craft an album with a more textural and thoughtful approach, as opposed to their previous rock material.  The instruments trade off, the layered vocals weave in and out, and space is utilized to provide the power that used to be occupied by aggressive distorted guitars.

Lyrically, these are the band’s most honest songs to date, vulnerably taking a candid approach about the current chapter of their lives: touring/adjusting to life at home, love/lack thereof, independence /loneliness, complacency/ambition, loss.  Side A of the album features nonstop ear-worms to make sure to catch a listener’s attention, while Side B shifts into less tradition structures featuring heavier topics and self reflection.  Notable, is the progressively droning, chorus-less title track “Get Your Ready Coat On” followed by the band’s first acoustic song to bring the record to its end.

Mo Lowda & the Humble - Pearls (Official Music Video)

'Pearls' is the first track off Mo Lowda & The Humble's 2020 LP 'Ready Coat'. Stream the full album here: Director, Cinematographer -...

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