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It’s been fourteen years since a then, little known, blended Beverly Hills Calabasas family weaseled its way onto our TV airwaves. It blossomed from a show about sisters running a clothing store into a dynasty of endorsements, makeup lines, perfumes, clothing, jewelry, spin offs, marriages, births, divorces, and a laundry list of scandals.

Love it or hate it, the Kardashian / Jenner tribe has made history. For the record, we hate it. But we love talking about it. It sends our Entertainment News segment down rabbit holes that are unimaginable any other way. We’ve met Khloe the bear, had dinner parties with Caitlyn Jenner (ding, dong),  discovered that a Poosh is not a Queef, and learned to really, really love our friends. Watch our announcement of the announcement:

So what will happen to Preston & Steve’s Entertainment News and their series of Kardashian / Jenner inspired Daily Rush videos? Nothing. We have The Bachelor to make fun of and when that goes away there will certainly be something else. But we appreciate your concern:

And your joy:

A party or a funeral?

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