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UNPRECEDENTED EVENT! • Composer Michael Giacchino is an official friend of The Preston & Steve Show, and we exploited the hell out of that relationship to make this happen…

ONE MORNING ONLY! • On Friday, October 9th, Michael will be broadcasting live from his home studio in Los Angeles to our studio in Philadelphia for the whole morning show. The event begins at 7am East Coast times which means it will be godawful early in California.

DON’T MISS OUT! • Listen on 93.3 WMMR-FM, stream live by hitting the play button at the bottom of this webpage, download the MMR App or ask Alexa/Google to “Open MMR.” We will also post the entire broadcast on our podcast Friday afternoon so it will live forever and you can share it with friends.

BE A FRIEND! • Michael will be previewing tracks from his new album, “Travelogue Vol 1″ before it comes out on October 30th. Pre-order a copy now through Here’s a teaser:

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