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As you may have heard us tease a few times, we were going to be broadcasting from composer Michael Giacchino’s house this month. Obviously that couldn’t’ happen, se we created this plan B: invite Michael to co-host our show live from his house and see what happens!  
He loved the idea and invited a few of his OG session musicians to join. Piano player Mark Gasbarro who is the guy making you cry with his performance on the LOST and Up scores. Andrew Synowiec showed us all his guitar skills on Coco as well as Frozen and countless other projects. We named them The Michael Giacchino Trio and let them take over our show with their live music. Listen to the entire broadcast on today’s podcast and scroll through for a few of our favorite highlights:  

Steve Morrison’s Batman Surprise:

They played songs in and out of breaks:

BE A FRIEND! • Michael’s new album, “Travelogue Vol 1″ comes out on October 30th. Order a copy now through Here’s a teaser: