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Yo, Adrian, you think you know the entire Rocky Franchise better than anyone else? Enter Preston & Steve’s Battle of the Self Proclaimed Experts and prove it.

Can you rattle off Paulie and Adrian home address? Ivan Drago’s wife’s name? What was written on Mickey’s mug he throws at the TV? What time Rocky’s alarm clock is set to go off? The exact number of people who ran up the steps with him in II? Okay, that last one is outrageous, but you get the idea.

From all the self-proclaimed Rocky Experts who enter below, two will be selected to go head-to-head live on the air with us in an ultimate winner take all trivia matchup. So prove to us exactly how much you can take.

When you’re ready to eat lightnin’ and crap thunder fill out this form:

*contestants have been selected. tune in Wed, Oct 21 at 8:15am*