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Breckenridge Brewery is officially 30 years old, but they weren’t able to have a big party to celebrate because, yeah, you know why.

That said, the company is still honoring the Dirty 30 by giving away free beer to anyone turning 30 through the end of the year. Happy birthday to us!

First, you do have to purchase the beer at a store. Then, take your receipt to get a rebate online. The rebate arrives as a pre-paid cash card that is good anywhere within six months.

The discount covers the price a 12-pack, so don’t go crazy buying out the whole store, thinking you’re going to get reimbursed.

The promotion is only good for those born in 1990 and those turning 30 now through the end of the year. Also, you must purchase the 30th Anniversary Throwback Pack.

Still, free beer!

Breckenridge Brewery is based in Colorado, but their beers are available nationwide.

Just to make it clear, here’s how you can get a refund, if you are turning 30 now through the end of the year:

1. Find the nearest participating seller here.
2. Buy a 30th Anniversary Throwback Pack and keep the receipt.
3. Go to this rebate site, enter offer number AB-2930 and, then, verify your age and purchase.
4. If all goes well, you’ll get an e-gift card that’s valued at the price of your beer purchase.

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