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Rob Zombie, after seemingly years of build-up, is finally dropping music from his long-awaited seventh studio album and just in time for Halloween!

The singer shared via Instagram, “In just 4 days [October 30] the first new Zombie song in over four years drops!” The song’s title? “The Triumph Of King Freak: A Crypt Of Preservation And Superstition,” because Zombie has never met a long title he didn’t absolutely love as evident by his last studio album, 2016’s The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser.

This seventh studio album of Zombie’s has been touted for some time as, perhaps, the best album he’s ever made. Zombie guitarist John 5 told WRIF’s Meltdown back in January 2018, “A lot of bands are like, ‘This is our best record!’  But this time, I’m going to say it, because I never say it.  This is, by far, not only the best Rob Zombie record but the best White Zombie record, anything.  We hit it out of the park.  This is definitely Rob’s ‘Sgt. Pepper.’”

John 5 added, “This is his…this is the one, and he agrees with me. He’s like, ‘Yeah…this is the best record I’ve ever made.’ We are so excited about this. We’re going to be putting drums on it, but my parts are done. Bass is done. Vocals are done. I don’t know when it’s going to come out, but everything…we’re going to be very careful with it, because we want to make sure we have enough time for promotion and enough time to make videos and things like that, because this is a very special record. Not that the other ones weren’t, but this is by far the best one that he’s ever done, by far…This was the Zombie record I was waiting for, because before I got in the band, I was a huge fan.”

So far, there is no release date for Zombie’s new album, but perhaps he’ll share more details this Friday with the release of “The Triumph Of King Freak: A Crypt Of Preservation And Superstition.”

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