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Listen to Brian & Shannon on The Preston & Steve Show Podcast (12/14/20)

Brian Miller, the resident photographer of 93.3 WMMR, appeared on The Preston & Steve show with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s photography curator Shannon Thomas Perich. The guy who shoots us flopping into pools, sunning our private parts and countless other goofy moments is featured in a new exhibit called “Stories of 2020.” Preview of selected photos on the Chorus Photography Facebook.

Visit the Smithsonian’s Stories of 2020 Exhibit

Along with the photo exhibition, the museum is inviting the public to submit their COVID stories. Here’s an excerpt from Brian’s submission, The QuaranFam:

During the earliest days of quarantine, a group of about 30 people, all from different socio-economic and religious backgrounds became each other’s lifelines, sounding boards, and friends. The only thing they all had in common at the outset was the person who brought them together.

Birthdays were celebrated by drive-by parades and lawn signs (one such birthday greeting was accidentally put up at the wrong house, lol). When restrictions were loosened, small gatherings were had, and the group became something none of us had ever expected it to become. It was the QF that helped people find jobs, navigate divorce, cope with a bad day, and discover love in various ways. It doesn’t take more than a call or text to spring the QF into action when a member is in need.  Full story here.

Handful of our favorite Chorus Photography photos: