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Pierre Robert sat down in front of the fancy thinking box, tapped a few gadgets and BOOM, there was Wolfgang Van Halen on the screen. (yes, he’s getting the hang  of it but this process is still new for the legendary WMMR DJ)

These two had crossed paths a few years ago when Wolfgang was playing with Tremonti at The Note in West Chester, a gig, we learn in this interview, that was a true case of right place at the right time!

They go on to talk about the new single from Mammoth WVH called the “Distance.” The song is is a tribute to Wolfgang’s late father, the amazing Eddie Van Halen, and its overwhelming reception has been a surprise and honor to a son singing about his dad. That feedback is feeding into his excitement for getting the new album out in “late Spring-ish.”

Before they wrap, Pierre takes Wolfgang on a trip down memory lane remembering back to early trips through Philadelphia while touring with Van Halen. The bass player was just a teen, so his tutor turned the stop into a learning experience by visiting the classic historic stops. Oh, and cheesesteaks. A blind taste test to be exact. Get details on all of these stories and more in the interview below: