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As the community continues to join together and help local businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic The Preston & Steve Show had an idea: let’s hand over our airwaves to the people who need help the most! 

Introducing the Love You/Help You Line created for small business owners to promote their company  *for free*  to WMMR listeners. Call the phone number below, leave a message then listen for it to air weekday mornings at 8am(ish) & 9:55am(ish) on The Preston & Steve Show.

Tips for leaving a great message:

  • be energetic. 
  • be clear. 
  • be concise.
  • & speak from the heart.
Practice the message a few times before calling. Audio longer than 20 – 30 seconds will be edited before airing.
Include your name, the name and location of your business, website or social media and what makes your business so special! Here are a few examples: 

Love You/Help You Line:



How many times can I call?  Please only call once. All of the messages will be saved in our files and we’ll randomly selected a few to play on air each day. The messages will change daily.

My message played on the air, where can I find the audio? The Love You/Help You Line will be posted in The Preston & Steve Show Podcast everyday.

Will the message air on WMMR again?  Yuppers! The line will debut at 8am(ish) then again around 9:55am(ish) for your friends, family and customers to hear! Afterward, the audio will also be posted on P&S’ Podcast.

Isn’t that the Love You / Hate You Line?  You are correct. We’re putting that feature on hold for now to roll out this new program.