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As the community continues to join together and help local businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic The Preston & Steve Show had an idea: let’s hand over our airwaves to the people who need help the most! 

Introducing the Love You/Help You Line created for small business owners to promote their company  *for free*  to WMMR listeners. Call the phone number below, leave a message then listen for it to air weekday mornings at 8am(ish) on The Preston & Steve Show.

Tips for leaving a great message:

  • be energetic. 
  • be clear. 
  • be concise.
  • & speak from the heart.
Practice the message a few times before calling. Audio longer than 20 – 30 seconds will be edited before airing.
Include your name, the name and location of your business, website or social media (if that’s a good way to discover more about you) and what makes your business so special! Example: 

Love You/Help You Line:



How many times can I call?  Please only call once. All of the messages will be saved in our files and we’ll randomly selected a few to play on air each day. The messages will change daily.

My message played on the air, where can I find the audio? The Love You/Help You Line will be posted on The Preston & Steve Show Instagram page everyday. (Go here for an easy tutorial on how to share an Instagram post.)

Will the message air on WMMR again?  Yuppers! The line will debut at 8am(ish) then air a couple more times throughout that day for your friends, family and customers to hear! The audio will also be posted on P&S’ Instagram.

Isn’t that the Love You / Hate You Line?  You are correct. We’re putting that feature on hold for now to roll out this new program.