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"Boy Meets World" cast members Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel attend Nickelodeon's 12th Annual Kids'' Choice Awards May 1, 1999 in Westwood, CA. (Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA)

Just when you thought Valentine’s Day couldn’t get any cheesier…. 

“Boy Meet’s World’s” Cory and Topanga were iconic in the 90s for being the innocent young loves who we grew up with on Friday nights. Panera is bringing in all the feels by reuniting Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel over love + pizza.

The ad promoting their new flatbreads was directed by Fred Savage (Ben’s older brother if you didn’t know) and recreates scenes from Pretty Woman, Sixteen Candles, Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally.

As if they didn’t pull all of our heartstrings, the company introduced a “TGIF” promo code. It stands for Thank God It’s Flatbread and it will get you 50% off any flatbread between Feb. 9 and 16. To redeem, enter the promo code in the Panera app or present it at the register. You had me at ‘za: 

Panera Presents: Forever Flatbreads

Witness Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel fall back in love over flatbread pizza.Use promo code "TGIF" to get 50% off your online order of flatbread pizza now t...