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Last week Preston and Steve introduced us to a brand new podcast that they knew would be right up our alley: Bongs and Banjos.

The YouTube series is hosted by Jacob Panic, a Maryland native who lives by the motto: Don’t panic, play the banjo. Each episode delivers exactly what is promised: ripping bangers and finger picking jams. But viewers are also treated to history and information about each. Turns out Jacob is a banjo aficionado who has studied under and recorded with some of the greats! Although it’s not listed in his bio, we assume he’s pretty well versed on the other stuff too…

We love this guy! So you can imagine how excited we were to have Jacob on our show. He called in on Wednesday, February 17th, bong and banjo in hand. Begins at the 1:57 mark:

And catch up on the Bongs and Banjos episodes. They drop every Monday morning at 4:15am (that’s as close to 4:20am that YouTube lets you go!):