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Eddie Van Halen is the subject of a new picture book by rock photographer Ross Halfin.

Due out in June, the book is simply titled Eddie Van Halen, and per its description, the 356-page book “…features many classic and unseen shots chosen by Ross from his personal archive.”

Eddie Van Halen also features an introduction from fellow guitar icon Tony Iommi which he writes in part, “Sabbath were making the Cross Purposes album, and we were doing a song called Evil Eye. I suggested Eddie have a go. He played it with us and started doing all the guitar parts and solos. I still have a recording of it somewhere, which we may put out at some point in the future.”

Eddie Van Halen is available in four different editions ranging in price from £89-£1,100 ($123-$1,524 USD.) Complete details on the book can be found at

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