Team: The Delco Cardboard Buildin’ Bitches, Glenolden PA

Sled: “Hey Mister, you in there?”

Our 2021 Sled is a P&S Show inspired build. Starting in the shower… How many more show references can you find? I had no idea what to build this year, so I based my sled on some of the funniest segments on the show over the last few months. Started with the shower segment, ‘what’s your water pressure’. To the hair in the drain which is in the sled on the floor- LoL. Preston forgot the briefcase that had porn in it, so appropriately- it’s in the shower!! Just when I said I was finished, the bongs and banjo segment! So I made Casey’s banjo, took 12 hours! And I gave it to James our Delco Campout hero! Sled is dedicated to my friend Scott who passed away from covid, and to all those that lost someone. That’s his favorite- quotes in the sled with the sun.

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Hey Mister official sled run video:

@Wmmr Preston and Steve Cardboard Classic Home Edition 2021 "Hey Mister , You in There?" # Delco

Well Covid cancelled our classic this year , gonna miss ya Payton & Parker ,Happy BDay and James our Delco Campout Hero !! Next year we will be bigger , fas...

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