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It’s the morning of the Snyder Cut release. Zack wakes up early to come on to The Preston & Steve Show. Whaa? Take a moment to re-read those sentences. We’re still shocked that Zack comes on our show so frequently, especially on such an important day.

Besides being ultimate fans of literally everything Zack has touched, and having some solid conversations, we think that Philadelphia’s support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and mental health awareness has played a huge part in Zack Snyder calling himself “a friend of the show.”

We will be posting our interview below, but first, we invite you to make a donation if that is within your means. This note from The Snyder Family points out why this foundation is so important: We’ve created this official tribute site, as many continue to be inspired by Autumn, offering their support to the important work of this foundation. Today, more than ever, recognizing and destigmatizing conversations surrounding mental health, suicide awareness and prevention is crucial. We are honored by the amazing way Autumn’s legacy has inspired so many to dedicate their efforts and resources to helping others when they need it most. 

Several ways to show your support:

Who doesn’t want to be like these guys?