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At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought up silly lyrics to sing along to the Jeopardy! “Think” music. Last night on the show we learned that Sting is part of that (not-so) elite group of creatives!

Sting Recreates the Jeopardy! "Think!" Music | JEOPARDY!

Enjoy Sting's personalized rendition of the Jeopardy! Think! music while you wait for his whole category on tomorrow's (Thursday, March 18) Jeopardy!Iconic m...

The singer-songwriter presented his own category on the show last night with host Katie Couric.  His answers included: BMI honoring this song for most radio plays and The Police’s final studio album. he also touched on his acting career and his new album, Duets.

One point of contention: we’re a little disappointed that it took the contestants so long to clear his category. The round was almost over, we could have missed Sting!

Alas, through the magic of TV they did get in all the video clues, you can watch them here:

STING: A Category Presented by Iconic Musician Sting | JEOPARDY!

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