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If you clicked on this story then you probably saw the whole ordeal that went down yesterday about  Jensen Karp finding shrimp tails in his cereal.

#1, It’s disgusting. #2, We’re disappointed with how General Mills dealt with the situation. They dragged it along way too long. #3, It doesn’t really change how much we love CTC!

Now a bunch of chefs have turned the saga into a new recipe. The first one that caught our attention was from Josh Scherer (mostly because of his sweet Birds tee):

Then he introduced us to Andy Lunique:

Chef Andy addition to the recipe makes it legit:  Just as a clarification I highly recommend trying this out with rice crispies, cheerios, or cornflakes. Adding them in is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Since you’re probably celebrating National Cheesesteak Day today, add this to the menu for tomorrow.