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It’s probably not a surprise to anyone who has followed Dave Grohl to learn that he’s just announced his first book. One of rock’s most charismatic figures, he’s been writing articles on Medium and The Atlantic and he’s also been posting stories to his recently launched Instagram account, Dave’s True Stories. And yesterday, he shared a photo of a hand-written essay that he penned as a 15 year old to Instagram.

Today, he posted a more recently penned essay to Instagram, announcing his book, The Storyteller: Tales Of Life And Music. In his essay, he traced his progression from recording journals on a tape recorder, to writing journals, to joining the punk rock band Scream (where he continued writing about his experiences) to Nirvana (where the media covered much of his life) to the Foo Fighters. Outside of his own bands, he teases that he’ll be writing about his experiences with a number of legendary rock icons including Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Joan Jett and Little Richard. Grohl has also recorded with Lemmy, David Bowie, John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh (among many others), so the book promises to have lots of stories even for those who (somehow) may not be fans of Nirvana or the Foo Fighters.

It seems that, in addition to writing the book, Grohl has recorded (or is in the process of recording) an audio version of the book as well. Hear an excerpt below.

The Storyteller: Tales Of Life And Music will be released on October 5: you can pre-order the book here.

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