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The date was April 7, 2006. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” was just renewed for… wait for it…  a second season. Somehow The Gang had convinced Danny DeVito to join the cast. That day happened to be Danny’s last day on set in LA for the season, so why was Rob in Philadelphia?

It was to see us. Kinda. Rob was in town for his sister’s wedding, but he turned it into a business trip by stopping by our studio and launching a contest to be an extra on the show. (Sunny + P&S diehards will appreciate this: it was to be in an episode with Nick and Casey. You may recall Nick’s big break of turning on a car?)

Take a listen to the interview, it will truly take you back in time. Rob is still casually telling us the outrageous antics that The Gang has planned for that season. The surprising part comes when we’re still questioning the absurdity!

This interview was also the first day we were introduced to CORA. Rob was joined by Molly a represented of the organization and she surprised us with cookies! Since that day CORA has been come to known as a big part of our community and we do everything we can to help, including hosting their golf tournament every year. [save the date:  Monday, May 24th, 2021].

It’s  pretty crazy to think that this was fifteen years ago. Scrolling though the rest of that day’s show, we were also joined by Josh Hartnett, Sam Elliot and Rob Schneider. There was also a goose loose in a New Jersey Office Depot so we sent Intern Joe down to see it. (photos of that are pending)  April 7, 2006 Podcast via