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Weezer has entered into a unique partnership with robot vacuum company Roomba for a special giveaway.

Roomba is giving away five Weezer-branded robot vacuums that they are appropriately calling “Wroomba” as part of a tie-in with the band’s latest album OK human. Weezer shared a funny video promoting the giveaway via their social media channels that can be watched below.

The video begins by flashing, “Studies show that 9/10 humans have dreamed of Weezer cleaning their house but it simply wasn’t possible until now. Introducing Wroomba (the W s silent)!” It then proceeds to show various “reviews” of the Wroomba. One fan wrote, “Like having Weezer clean your home, but it actually gets clean,” while another said, “This thing really sucks! Thanks, Weezer!”

Perhaps the best review came from Weezer drummer Pat Wilson was said, “So much better at cleaning than human Rivers.”

Fans interested in winning a Wroomba can find complete details at


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