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6:02am, April 21, 2021 – Nick receives this e-mail from Listener Katie

Good Morning:  For some odd reason I got a calendar alert that it’s “Talk like Bill Weston Day”.   Not sure why but in any event, I hope you guys have an A+ show today and all your stools have 3 legs! Privileged!  

Whaaa? We don’t remember how or when this became an official holiday, but we celebrated it anyway. Behind the scenes our team searched through old show logs but they could not find a mention of it. 

The reaction from callers and commenters was fantastic. No one took it too far and tried to talk like him for extended periods. Just little ahhhs and umms and barn doors. It was perfect. But, after 4+ hours, one person finally had enough:

Alright. That’s it. Talk Like Bill Weston Day is not good radio. (says Bill Weston... we disagree)

Posted by The Preston & Steve Show on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Bill, and thanks for sharing yours. We care about your feelings, but, c’mon, even you had some good laughs during that visit.”

Plus, we got to dig this out of the archives:

One last video before we stick a pin in Talk Like Bill Weston Day 2021. Sound on for full effect. PRIVILEGED! Not everyone has sound with their videos. Hmm. Hmm.

Posted by The Preston & Steve Show on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Thankfully Katie left no stone unturned. She listened to the podcast from April 21, 2020 and found the answer:

Zoinks! Mystery solved. We’re already excited for next year!