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“Truth is… I am Iron Man.” On May 2, 2008 that line wrapped up 126 minutes of pure exhilaration and changed pop culture forever. The Preston & Steve Show celebrates the movie that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Listen to our Iron Man podcast and scroll down to drool over Steve Morrison’s shrine:

From CaseyBoy: Happy 13th Birthday Iron Man… or should I say Happy 13th Birthday MCU Iron Man!  I can honestly say that prior to 2008, I had no idea who Tony Stark/Iron Man was.  In the 13 years and 20 films since, I have become an Iron Maniac and an MCU zealot!  MCU Iron Man is one year older than my youngest…but I have turned her and my other 2 children into MASSIVE MCU fans!  I have not been able to turn my wife onto the MCU, but that is not due to a lack of trying.

We found out this morning that there are many one spouse MCU fan households.  We also found out that a lot of the time, it is the husband that is not a fan.  No matter how hard we try, they just don’t see (or want to see) what we have seen for the past decade+!!  I do feel bad for those poor unfortunate souls, for they have missed out of some of the most magical, intricate, action-packed, soul-crushing, hilarious and heart warming story telling and movie making that I have ever witness. What Iron Man started back in 2008 truly is a Marvel.

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