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Remember a couple weeks ago when Preston needed to vent about a bag that went missing at his house? There were theories about where is could have gone, there were some fingers pointed, but no one could find that damn bag. Here’s a link to that day’s podcast if you missed the segment: April 15, 2021

Spoiler alert: the bag was eventually found, but Preston never did share why it was so important. He only said that he need a replacement hippie costume. It seemed like an odd request at the time, but now Presbo is ready to reveal the surprise and make sense of it all:

Preston Elliot made a visit to Revivalist Spirit's Hippie Barn... and you don't want to miss it ✌ Voted the #1 Top Craft...

Posted by 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia on Thursday, April 29, 2021

The day of the missing bag, Preston was filming a commercial in the Hippie Barn at Revivalist Spirits in Chester County. It was all planned out and it completely revolved around that costume. As you can see, it all came together nicely. h/t Nick Murphy.