MMR*B*Q 2021 tickets are officially on sale. The Preston & Steve Show honored the exact moment that the box office opened by having Dave Navarro on to talk about the show. If you think you’re excited for live music, these bands are even more excited to get back on the road. And there’s something special about this show and this lineup.

Dave spilled the dirt by revealing that his festival schedule is usually to roll in shortly before Jane’s Addiction hits the stage. But this one is different. Firstly, he’s super excited to see  Wolfgang’s band and doesn’t know how he’ll contain himself from gushing over how EVH changed his life (but he knows that he has to!). So he’ll definitely be there early to see Mammoth WVH perform. Cheap Trick is also on Dave’s bucket list for that day. One, because Zander Is a friend and they have jammed together, but also Cheap Trick was Dave’s very first concert. He saw them opening for KISS on the Love Gun Tour. So sharing a stage with them is going to be very special.

All of that was shared in the first five minutes of the Zoom. From there we swap stories about Snuggies, cuckoo clocks, tattoos, life on the road, secrets of the Playboy Bunny logo, and video game obsessions.  So, hit play and enjoy.