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Today isย Bronson Pinchot’s birthday and our resident Dad Jokeย Connoisseur, CaseyBoy, shared a new tradition he started with his family. While watching Hamilton, he replaces the name “Alexander Hamilton” with “Cousin Larry Appleton” just likeย Balki Bartokomous would say on Perfectย Strangers.

Funny thing is, it actually works:

  • Al-ex-an-der Ham-il-ton
  • Cous-in Lar-ry Ap-ple-ton

Here’s the mind blowing revelation though: CASEY IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON TO THINK OF THIS. A quick Google search gave us this video byย Boggs & ‘Lobos. They actually made a whole parody song about “Cousin Larry Appleton.” Mind blown.

Thank youย Holt Boggs andย Brian Villalobos. you made our day.