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Every once in a while it’s okay to listen to the fancy people. Preston stumbled across a blog from an Interior Designer listing ten decorative household items that you should get rid of by the time you turn 30 years old.  She’s not wrong. Scroll through the list and consider hitting Home Goods this weekend.

Your share-house mattress

  • Preston’s first “adult” mattress he moved to Philadelphia was the same one that he was conceived on. Eww.

Inflatable furniture

  • Why did this trend ever exist?

Soft toys on your bed

  • Can we use this time to discuss decretive pillows? Preston has 8, 4 are functional. Kathy has 13. WTF?

Plastic cups, plates or cutlery

  • This rule is null and void if there are kids in your life.

Old trophies

  • Casey disagrees.


  • The dreams are over.

Paper floor lamps

  • Ummmm, okay.

Anything galactic

  • We agree with ditching the plastic stars on the ceiling or center earth posters. Expensive telescope? That’s staying.


  • Until you get a fancy one, that’s acceptable.

Shot glasses

  • The beer cans too?

Kathy’s bonus addition: Please get rid of your yaffa crates