Perry Farrell, understandably, thinks very highly of Jane’s Addiction, who are headlining MMRBQ in September. In fact, he believes the influential Jane’s is the most underrated band ever.

Farrell was asked who he thought was the most underrated band of all time was in a new interview with Classic Rock magazine, which led to this major headline-grabbing statement.

Farrell detailed, “It’s because I went crazy and broke the band up at their height. I was operating on instinct, and I just wanted to get away from those guys back then. I just wanted to do my own thing really bad.”

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That “own thing” was Porno For Pyros, which Farrell formed shortly after Jane’s Addiction broke up and whom Farrell also said was underrated.

“But it was an amazing project,” noted Farrell. “And maybe it wouldn’t have been any better. But now I look around and think: ‘Damn, I should have been more productive in that area.'”

Interestingly enough, Farrell’s latest tweet might be in response to his own quote. He shared, “I told my son ‘It’s ok to think your great, I think I’m great but do not think that you are better than anyone. Because if you do, you run a risk. It is this: You’ll fail to learn from that person. And we can all learn something from one another. I even learn lessons from snakes.'”

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