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Sammy Hagar has been very forthcoming about how he and Eddie Van Halen made up before the guitar icon's untimely death in October 2020. However, it seems like EVH was up for more than just mending fences.

Hagar shared in a chat in an Instagram Live video for The Washington Post, “I’m so grateful that we connected. And he said, ‘Hey, let’s make some noise. I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself this year. You ain’t gonna believe it. I’ve been fighting this stuff for 15 years. And now I’ve got this big thing on my neck and my throat right now. I’ve gotta get it all straightened out. Next year, you and I have gotta make some noise. We made some great music together, and I wanna do it again.’ I was just, like, ‘Yes.'”

Hagar continued, “I said, ‘Eddie, that ain’t what I’m calling you about. I’m calling about to see if you’re okay.’ But hearing those things really made me able to handle his death. Because it’s still tough as hell. I miss the guy.”


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