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Years ago we were introduced to a maestro of mixing who goes by the name, DJ Cummerbund. Looking deep into our archives, it may have been “Rock & Roll Until a Reasonable Hour” that won our hearts. Or maybe it was “BlitzMMMBop” or “Earth, Wind & Ozzys” that did it?

The exact culprit doesn’t matter, this guy is a genius! We turned his songs into a game called Mash Up Madness where listeners are challenged to blindly listen to a mix then name all the songs.  Once DJ Cummerbund caught wind of that, he made us an intro song for the game.

So, we were ecstatic to learn that our friend walked away with a VMA over the weekend. MTV created a new section of the award show called, Trending: VMAs, and DJ Cummerbund was the victor in the Best Audio Mashup category.

Photos from the awards ceremony are below, right after this wild Tweet from the B-52s who haven’t been tied to a VMA since 1990!

DJ Cummerbund will be on The Preston & Steve Show Tuesday morning at 9am. The interview will stream live, right here, on