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Dorothy | BB&T Pavilion | Camden, NJ | August 9, 2019 | |

Dorothy posted this message on her Instagram last night:

This past June, Rival Sons announced that Dorothy would support most dates on their Pressure and Time Tour which was set to make a stop at the Fillmore in Philly on October 23rd.

There are no further details about why she had to cancel, but she did hop into the comments of her post to answer fan questions.

One person wrote: I’m heartbroken my daughter and were so excited to see you. To which Dorothy replied: we’re working on something else! Don’t worry 😍

Good news is that no signs point to health issues, as she wrote come to our headlining shows 😍 in response to another fan who commented:  Very bummed :((

Most importantly, @shawn.ward614 asked: Will you still be playing the MMRBQ? To which Dorothy replied with a very enthusiastic YES!

See you September 25th.