Listen to the members of Froggy on The Preston & Steve Show (48 mins in): 

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Original post: Two things about riot grrrl punk band Froggy are apparent: They grew up listening to great music and they love 7-Eleven nachos.

Bandmates Morgan, Brooke and Fiona love the convivence store snack so much, that they wrote a song about it. The catchy tune became a staple at their shows and a running theme across their social media.

This past winter, they shot a kamikaze style video at 7-Eleven. Peep the nacho + Fanta pairing here:

It hit. 7-Eleven was obsessed. Pseudo-jokingly, the band wrote back inviting the the Texas based company to collaborate.

THEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! 7-Eleven teamed up with Froggy to create an official “7-Eleven Nachos” campaign starring Morgan, Brooke and Fiona. As an ode to the song’s original Instagram video, 7-Eleven sent a crew to Doylestown to shoot the official music video at their local store.

During a call from Brooke’s mom into The Preston & Steve Show, we learned that over 200lbs of nacho cheese was squeezed out on set. They shut down the store or the day and invited friends and family to be extras.

“Froggy’s song is over-the-top enthusiastic about their love for 7-Eleven nachos,” Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Marissa Jarratt said. “It perfectly personifies our ‘Take it to Eleven’ campaign that celebrates the wild ways our customers make us a part of their daily lives. The music video is our thank-you to Froggy for creatively celebrating something we both love.”

Enjoy all the salty, oozy goodness here: