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Metallica appeared via satellite during the 2021 Global Citizen Music Festival over the weekend.

The band’s performance emanated from Louisville, Ky. where they were headlining the Louder Than Life festival. Their performance included “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “No Leaf Clover.” (Video of the performance can be viewed below.)

As previously reported, the Global Citizen Music Festival featured multiple performances from around the world with the main performances taking place in Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Paris, London, Seoul, Los Angeles, and Sydney. The concert’s purpose was to raise awareness on world poverty issues and climate change affecting the entire planet.

Metallica Performs 'For Whom the Bells Tolls' in Louisville | Global Citizen Live

Iconic American heavy metal band Metallica performs 'For Whom the Bells Tolls' at Global Citizen Live. Global Citizen Live calls for action to halt climate c...

Metallica Performs 'No Leaf Clover' | Global Citizen Live

Metallica stands up to defeat poverty and defend the planet at Global Citizen Live, performing 'No Leaf Clover'. Global Citizen Live calls for action to halt...


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