Jacky Bam Bam sat down with Marc Labelle, lead singer of Dirty Honey

Another MMRBQ is in the books, but the social media posts keep rolling in. To say the Dorothy loves WMMR and Philadelphia is an understatement! And she’s not the only one, scroll down to see all the band posts from the show.

New photos added: 

Scroll over to see suspension artist, Rachel, straighten Dave’s hair in the dressing room:


Original Post: Dave has been looking for to seeing Wolfgang since he mentioned it to The Preston & Steve Show earlier this summer:

We’ve dubbed this year’s concert “Jacky Bam Bam Day”. The King of the Nighttime got a bunch of shout outs from Dirty Honey, then, Rick Nielsen pulled him on stage to sing:

Scroll over to see the bathroom videos a few of the MMR DJs stumbled into:

Jaxon’s Local Shot Artist, Foxtrot and the Getdown, documented their first steps on stage:

One more from the Queen of the MMRBQ: