Margo Price shows a whole lotta love for Robert Plant this Halloween by dressing up as the Led Zeppelin frontman.

Price shared side-by-side photos of her and Plant via Twitter with the simple caption, “oh hi, I’m @RobertPlant.” Frankly, she nailed it!

The inspiration for Price’s costume is a famous photo of Plant taken by Neal Preston at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco in 1973. Preston said of the photo to The Guardian, “There were two cages behind the amps on stage, each containing six white doves. To be honest, I think they were probably just white pigeons but we called them doves so let’s stick with that. Anyway, Robert Plant’s a real hippy at heart, so the idea was that at the end of ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ we’d release the doves and they’d fly off into the air as a homage to peace and love.”

He continued, “But when the cages opened, the birds flew out and one did a low pass over the audience, then must have taken too deep a breath of the San Francisco air – remember, this was 1973 and there was a high chance of being dosed by some deadhead. Anyway, it turned back to the stage and Robert stuck out his hand. The dove landed on it, purely by chance – this was not a trained bird.”

Preston added, “It was there for about five seconds. I’m just glad it didn’t land on Jimmy Page’s hand or something bad might have happened to it…With the dove and the Newcastle Brown Ale he’s drinking, it’s so British and so Robert. Nobody else could have pulled that off without looking pretentious.”

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