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Lead singer of The Offspring, hot sauce magnate and doctor of molecular biology are not enough titles for Dexter Holland. He’s also a pilot.

It’s not a new hobby though. Back in 2004, Dexter completed a 10-day, 25,000-mile solo flight around the world. He has also shuttled friends and bandmates from tour-to-tour. This past summer, notable session musicians like Josh Freese posted IG stories posing with Dexter on the runway.

An Instagram rabbit hole the author fell down showed that The Offspring front man was most likely helping out fellow bands who were short members when COVID struck various tours. That’s rock ‘n roll right there! 

To our delight, Dexter has taking his piloting skills to a new level. This weekend, he introduced Cockpit Karaoke with his bandmate, Noodles. It’s no secret that the video is a takeoff of the James Cordon late night stunt. The YouTube caption reads: “We know everyone’s heard of Carpool Karaoke, but Cockpit Karaoke??? No one’s done that!!”

The debut episode has the two tackling The Offspring’s latest single, “Let The Bad Times Roll.” Take a look:

The Offspring | MMR*B*Q 2021