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Valerie Bertinelli joined The Preston & Steve Show on Thursday morning to discuss her new memoir, Enough Already. [interview posted below]

“He came out great in spite of me and Ed!” 

Preston immediately took the opportunity to compliment her son Wolfgang Van Halen’s spectacular performance at the MMR*B*Q 2021 with Mammoth WVH. “Awww, thank you, I couldn’t be more proud of him!” Valerie responded. She continued to boast about his success and how relieved she was by the welcoming reception Wolfie has received from the rock ‘n roll community. “He was nominated for a Grammy for Christ sake!”

Her new book goes deep into details of their marriage and the relationship they built after it ended. “We had a lot of peace with each other, we enjoyed each other’s company again… I felt more of a love for his soul, for his kindness, for the true person that Ed was when he wasn’t drinking and doing drugs. He was really a lovely, lovely human when he wasn’t in pain.”

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Cooking is another big part of her life now. She has struggled with emotional eating for years and continues to find a healthy balance that she happily shares through her cooking shows.

Speaking of cooking shows, hosting a baking show doesn’t make focusing on healthy eating easy, but damn is it fun. Preston worked in a shoutout for the littlest member of the P&S Family, Nick Murphy’s son, Desmond, who has formed a serious crush on Valerie as the host of his favorite show, Kids Baking Championship.  Same Des, same.

“Awww, please give him a kiss for me.”

Take a listen to the full interview, which ends with a black hole of random 80s movie supporting characters:


Enough Already, a memoir by Valerie Bertinelli, available now.

Mammoth WVH at MMR*B*Q  2021