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From this week’s The Connoisseur segment  on The Preston & Steve Show

A Confectionary King Has Passed Away. Charles E. Entenmann, who took his grandfather’s business from a Brooklyn bakery to grocery store shelves around the country has passed away. He was 92 years old. Charles grew up working alongside his two brothers on the line in the family’s North Shore bakery.  The trio worked to grow their brand that is known for 100+ products packaged in the famous white boxes we all know too well. The family sold the business for $233 million in 1978 and own some of the most prestigious real estate in Long Island according to Steve & Kathy. [source]

Spring Forward With Free Burgers. The first 100 people in line at Milk Boy South Street on March 20th between 11am – 2pm will receive a receive complimentary “Hit Single” burger. The giveaway is tied to the launch of MilkBoy TakeOut, a takeaway only module boasting create-your-own burger creations. They are also rolling out a featured Burger of the Month Burger (BOMB)… and The Preston & Steve Show may be gunning to be featured [source]

Move Over Wiz, There’s Another Cheese In Town. The folks at Billy Penn have written a compelling argument defending that Cooper Sharp is the official cheese of Philadelphia. Fans of The Preston & Steve Show agree. We heard from a listener who works at the deli counter and sings the praises of their products, another who tried it for the first time this week, and Marisa who is BFFs with the Philadelphia based company since they follow each other on Twitter. Preston is on board with the statement too, pointing out that the cheese is ideal for cooking with and tastes better than classic cheese wiz. [source]

Cheese Taste Soapy? Your Parents May Be to Blame. In a recent study, researchers found that two thirds of people say that gorgonzola has a soapy taste. They linked the association to similar chromosomes found in each of the test subjects. Add it to the list of soapy-to-some-people foods. [source]

Completing the Cheese Trifecta With Charcuterie Art. White Acers Studio Workshop is hosting a Charcuterie 101 Class at Bear Creek Mountain on April 7th.  With each ticket to the class you’ll receive a personalized charcuterie board, chef instructed presentation skills, wine, snacks and crafts. [source]

I Like My Sugar With Coffee and Cream. Coffee Mate’s new collaboration will have you drinking dessert for breakfast. Drumstick Vanilla Sundae Cone flavored coffee creamer will join the other recently released flavors, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams on store shelves next month. [source]