Paul McCartney has long championed vegan living. In January 2020, he and PETA called on Starbucks to end their upcharge on non-dairy milk varieties. With a tour stop in Seattle (Starbucks’ headquarters) a month away, Sir Paul is once again calling on the coffee giant to end the upcharge policy.

In a letter to CEO Kevin Johnson that was shared with Billboard, Macca writes, in part, “It recently came to my attention that Starbucks in the USA has an extra charge for plant-based milks as opposed to cow’s milk.  I must say this surprised me as I understand that in other countries like UK and India, there is the same charge for both types of milk and I would like to politely request that you consider this policy also in Starbucks USA.”

While Starbucks has yet to respond to McCartney’s request, Billboard added, “A representative from Starbucks has noted that Starbucks India does have an additional charge for non-dairy milks.”


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